“Fear & Devastation” postponed

Hello metalheads !

We are very pleased to announce that ou first album “Fear & Devastation” is delayed.

The reason is that we just signed with the record label M&O to distribute this album. We hope that it will broaden our fan base !

Therefor the release of “Fear & Devastation” is postponed so it will be done in the best ways. It will be available first term of 2022.

This news excites us and we are impatients that you will all listen our album !

First album “Fear & Devastation”

Hello metal mongers !

We are very happy and proud to bring you are first LP, “Fear & Devastation” !

We hope you will be pleased to listen to it as much as we were pleased to do it ! It features seven new full-length songs, an overture and a closing track, and a newly recording version of Eternal War from ou first EP.

It is available on pre-order exclusively on Bandcamp, with the song Convicted already available !

The Day After

After a difficult and intersected year, we have some news to share at last!

First, we will have some shows ! Aftter a first hot concert at the Comédia, we will we be back there with Lazy Mama and Hellburn.

Moreover, our first LP recording is going well. A single will be revealed this summer, and the complete work for autumn. We hope you’ll enjoy it!